Cam Newton Not Source of the Problem

by CFB Fan

While the allegations against Cam Newton can have a major impact on the College Football nation one thing we must keep in mind is that he has not been proven guilty and he is not the source of the problem in the first place.

Granted you can believe that he is guilty but this does not make that fact true. If these allegations were pinned against any other player or a less popular athlete, for that matter, then this situation would not be as big of a deal.

What we must remember is that many investigations have taken place and so far they have cleared Cam Newton of any wrong doing and also have cleared Auburn of any wrong doing. If Cam Newton were later to be charged with wrong doing it would have a devastating effect upon college football, but maybe we should be looking at the enormous amount of pressure placed upon star athletes.

There has been a lot of research and investigations put into athletes that are offered large sums of money from colleges and even agents. One good example is the SMU scandal where players were given what they needed and wanted to attend SMU.

Many of these players were unable to say no because this money would help their family. Also it has been proven that agents will throw money at athletes to build up that agent’s popularity. So with these athletes are suppose to be playing for the fun and tradition, but they are having offers thrown left and right that are hard to refuse.

Why should Cam Newton’s case be any different? He is the best athlete in college football and the pressure that he receives is tremendous. I’m not saying that accepting money is the right option for Cam but maybe to solve this problem we should be looking past the athletes and start with the source of the problem.

I feel as though many people are supporting Cam Newton, hence the fact that he was an overwhelming favorite at last weekend’s Heisman Trophy presentation. And we should continue to view him in the light that he is presently in, which is that he is a hard working student athlete who has done nothing wrong.

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