Calls Consistently Favor SEC

by collegeballfan

For one to watch college on a regular basis with teams from all over the countryside one can reasonably conclude over the past several seasons (approximately 4-5) that (1) calls are made, and (2) calls are not made, that consistently favor the SEC.

If the SEC is the best and wins games - fine - let the players determine the outcome. However, I have seen time and time again games decide where teams from opposing conferences not only have to beat the team but also the referees. Yes, there is an apparent bias. How can you disprove this concept is too allow investigations of the referees and their conduct on and off the field (no I am not talking about a review of the ref's performance during the game - I am talking about investigation. No I am not advocating an investigation of their private lives but if what they do effects the outcome of the game it should be looked into.

Time and time again certain referee calls and noncalls have affected the outcome and these acts should be called into question. If the referees are above reproach then there should no question to having their activities looked into. If they do not like this idea of investigating the activities of referees in college football then the notion of referee bias favoring the SEC is going to continue.

I recommend that if the NCAA wishes to keep college football fans from going to other sports venues, that they take this subject seriously and clean up their act.

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