Buckeye Bill

by Bill
(Denver, Colorado)

Give me a break. The SEC top to bottom is just like every other BCS conference -- a few good teams, a few mediocre teams and a few bad teams.

Consistently Bad SEC Teams:
(1) Mississippi State
(2) Ole Miss
(3) Vanderbilt
(4) University of Alabama
(5) University of Arkansas
(6) University of South Carolina
(7) University of Kentucky

Average SEC Teams:
(1) Auburn University
(2) University of Tennessee

Good SEC Teams:
(1) LSU
(2) Florida
(3) Georgia

SEC fans always talk about how OSU couldn't go undefeated in the SEC. Well, I would love to see LSU try to beat the following teams in one season:

The Ohio State University
University of Michigan
Penn State
Michigan State

Big Ten will be 2-1 this year against the SEC in bowl games just like it was last year. But, oh, no one talks about how the SEC was 1-2 vs. the Big Ten last year. I guess it just slipped your mind.

I respect the SEC, and enjoy watching the SEC games every week. However, I'm a little tired of the fans from the SEC claiming that their conference is so tough. As stated above, you consistently have 2-3 good teams per year, just like every other conference.

Go Bucks!!

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Dec 24, 2007
Can't Wait to see how the "bad" SEC teams do in bowl games
by: Mo Johnson

Wow, I love your listing of "bad" SEC teams. 4 of them are in bowl games this year -- Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi State. Vandy and South Carolina almost made bowl games as well.

I'd like to see your list of the equivalent "bad" Big Ten teams and see where they are playing in the post season. I think they are home.

Sorry, the SEC does stand above the crowd. The Big Ten is a good football conference. They are no SEC. Not any more.


Dec 24, 2007
Every Conference is Tough
by: Dave


I appreciate the point you are making and if you don't mind I would like to throw in a few with you.

1. First off all conferences are tough these days. College Football has achieved a level of parity not seen in its history. On any given day any team can defeat another team no matter the conference.

2. In the end we all love our teams and believe in our respective schools rich sports history.

3. I thank God we live in a country where we have the the right to speak our peace and the opportunity to enjoy just diverse ideas. I hope and pray that Coach Tressel and his staff will prep the guys well and violent execution brings home the 2d BCS in this century.

4. Go Bucks!

Feb 19, 2008
buckeyes are just two toned useless nutts
by: Anonymous

the buckeyes and the big ten is clearly overrated year after year i would love to see LSU or any SEC team for that matter play these teams in one year just to show the nation that we (SEC) are the best conference in ncaa football bar none

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