Bowl Wins Not Good Indication of Best Conference

by dsmoya31410
(Savannah, GA)

Okay, I think you have twisted the numbers somewhat.

When we look at bowl games, most bowls are set up in order to get comparable teams - that is, teams that are somewhat well-matched for one another. Sure, there is geography and how the supporters of the team travel, but you are not going to see a #4 team battle a nobody.

If you look at the rankings thus far for this year, the Mountain West is doing the best against all other conferences. They are 4-1. Does that mean they are the best conference? Hardly.

The Southwest conference was the conference I supported when it was around, and there were some great teams in that conference. Their record was not all that good in bowl games, but many of the best bowls in the 60s and 70s included teams from that conference (Arkansas, now in the SEC, was a member of the conference).

Personally, I think the SEC is historically the strongest conference, but it has more to do with me evaluating games. I like watching SEC teams play, and I think they have some of the strongest teams now. I just don't think bowl wins and losses are a good indicator or argument for placing one conference ahead of another conference.

Wisconsin had a really good team this year, but they were beat today by the TCU Horned Frogs. I would think if they were in the national championship game (the TCU Horned Frogs), they would give the SEC a run for its money. Wisconsin looked nearly invincible playing other Big 10 Teams.

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Jan 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

I think several SEC teams could humiliate TCU and Wisconsin.

Jan 02, 2011
OK, but look at the body of work
by: MSlay

I agree with you on bowl games many times. Teams like Georia and Tenn should not have been in a bowl except for playing a nobody. Then like Georgia, they don't care what happens. Anyone could see they were just standing around most of the time and dis-interested. Now when you play games like Mich. state tied for the big ten championship verse the number 4 SEC west (BAMA) you do get a good indication of power. Mich.verse Miss. State, good match-up. The outcome does say something. Wis. verse TCU good matchup, but if they played that game 3 times my money would go to Wisconsin.

The problem is that anyone can win on a given day, but that's why the body of work is so important. Week in and week out is the only way to gage with the current system. When you look at what Auburn did, well take their last 4 game and use them in a playoff, no contest. Look at Arkansas! They knocked off So. Caroline (at full strenth) Miss.State (who just destroyed Mich)
abd then a 10-2 LSU (only other loss to Auburn)and could have used that run to win it all as well.

A playoff would be great, but as long as they don't have to play each other in the first game or two, you would clearly see the SEC (west this year) on top of everyone again. People argue all the points they want to, but when honest, they know who is clearly the best conference of TEAMS!!!!

Jan 11, 2011
Get Real and Forget Your Prejudices
by: John

Sure, in bowl games, weaker teams play weaker opponents and the strong teams play the stronger opponents. Your point is?

The SEC is a great conference, but how often will they play on the road outside their conference? When did Alabama, Oklahoma, or Auburn last visit Utah, TCU, or Boise State instead of demanding the game be played at home, if at all. What are they afraid of? Losing. Sure, its easy to win at home and tough on the road. How many road games did TCU win? Maybe the SEC isn't as tough as people give them credit.

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