Bowl Restrictions in the Big 10 before the 1980s

by Mark Smith
(Omaha, NE, USA)

You might also realize that well into the 1970s the Big 10 did not allow more than one team to go to a bowl game each year. The only bowl a Big 10 team could go to was the Rose Bowl (if they were the conference champ). There were many years when 10-0-1, 10-1, or 9-2 type teams (normally Michigan, Ohio State, occasionally Michigan State) did not get to go to a 'lesser' bowl to inflate their conference's statistics. Just because Alabama has played in the most bowl games does not automatically make it the best college football program ever, and just because SEC teams often got to play what in essence was another 'home game' during bowl season thereby inflating their conference's statistics does not necessarily make it the best conference.

Figures lie, and liars figure.

That being said, I do feel that the SEC in the last 20 years has been the deepest conference from top-to-bottom....but if we're talking BOWL GAMES please check out where Big 10 teams today typically play their bowl games and who they typically play. You'll see an amazing 'road-team' trend develop for the Big 10. And over the last decade or so the Big 10 has more than held its own in these games IMO.

Big 10 #1 = Rose Bowl (mostly against USC...hmm)
Big 10 #2 = Capital One Bowl (often against FLA/UGA...hmm)
Big 10 #3 = Outback Bowl (often against FLA/UGA...hmm)
Big 10 #4 = Alamo Bowl (often against Texas/A&M/TX Tech...hmm)

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Dec 05, 2007
Right on the money!
by: Anonymous


Oct 22, 2008
SEC = Home Team
by: Anonymous

SEC schedules home games during the season. Look at LSU. 8 home 4 away (all 4 are SEC games.) I read recently that LSU has only won 3 non-conference away games during the season in 16 years. How impressive.

Because bowl games are played in the south, their bowl games turn into home games too.

Home games increase the chance of winning. This brings fame and fortune. I don't deny the SEC has good teams. They sure know how to stack the deck to keep it that way though.

I wish there were more inter-conference (Division I) games during the regular season to back up your facts. It would be a lot more interesting to watch. I bet the mighty SEC would fair well; however, not as well as you think.

Dec 30, 2010
Big Ten SUB .500 Despite Playing One "BEST" Team
by: JimmyNeutered

Imagine how bad the record of the Big Ten would be if they played multiple bowl games in the old days. Considering they played their absolute best team only and still won less than half the games. So this argument IS NOT VALID. It would hurt the Big Ten if they had played more games.

Not too mention that why would the Big Ten not allow their teams to compete unless they knew they would lose? If the SEC played ONLY their absolute BEST team, the SEC winning percentage would be at least .900%

To point out that fact really means nothing more than;


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