Bowl Prediction Props

by Jon. B.

It seems as though a few of these predictions did not pan out like you had planned, but that is the fun in making predictions. As they say, "That's why you play the game." Iowa seemed inspired in their game against a very talented Missouri team, but the game was just as close as you had predicted it, only it came out the opposite way.

Oklahoma came out and finally got that monkey off their back with the Fiesta Bowl, but they still let a frankly pathetic UConn team stay in the game for far too long. Had UConn's offense been able to muster any kind of drive, Oklahoma would have been sweating.

I thought the gutsiest call you made was the game with Nebraska and Washington, but you were spot on in that prediction. Nebraska looked more like they would have rather been sitting at home instead of playing Washington, and the Huskies made them pay dearly for that. I honestly wonder if the Big Ten may be regretting picking up such an obviously spoiled program as Nebraska after watching that debacle.

I really don't understand why everyone is so shocked by the Big Ten's showing on New Year's Day. They were underdogs in all of their games, and they were unfortunately focused on other things for the most part (Michigan possibly fired RichRod, Michigan State wining about the BCS, and so on), which only compounded the problem.

This was a well thought out article and I really believe that you hit the nail on the head with many of the picks that counted.

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