Bowl Game Bias

Hey nice article. It's a bit too much doting on the SEC but that's ok. I have two points I'd like to bring up.

#1 when comparing conferences I think it's important to level the playing field. For example it's not really an apples to apples comparison to compare the # of W and L of conferences of different ages. The SEC is much older than the Big 12 and thus has had many more bowl opportunities.

#2 please don't knock a conference for playing "weak schedules" and thus discounting their bowl performances such as the MWC. The SEC as well as any other conferences has played their fair share of weak bowl games.

I happen to agree the MWC is making a statement and I think the gap between all college football teams is narrowing year after year.

Nice work and good piece

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Jan 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

Well it'd not knocking teams with weak sonferences. It's just facts. Example; I live in Arkansas, and here we have high school football in 7 different divisions. We are smart enough to know it's not fair to compete schools with 100 kids with schools with 2000 kids. Even if a small gets lucky enough to win a big game against a bigger school, they do not play the same level of compatition each week. When you play lesser quaility,you have less injury's, you put out less energy and have less stress. over the coarse of a season that adds up to a lot.

Last season the Razorbacks had the worst team in years, new head coach and so on. We played a game with Tulsa that was at the time the best team in Conference USA. By pure talent they didn't know what to do, we crushed them. This Houston from the same conference this year beat Okie State who beat Georgia, but look how they do with everyone else.

Anything can happen on a given week, but how the Whole season goes, with what level of competition that make who a team is. If TCU (this year or last) had to play one week Auburn, next week Ole Miss, next week Arkansas, next week LSU, them Georgia or Flordia or Alabama. COME ON MAN!!! They would have 3 plus loses.

That is why IT MAKE'S A DIFFERENCE!!!!

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