Big Ten VS SEC Academic Stats

Here are some stats for you

Out of the Top 25 American Research Universities, the big ten counts for 8, the sec counts for 2.

want proof? scroll down to page 8. seems like the big ten puts more effort into what an university is really about, and has a good football program.

8-2 staggering record!

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Jan 07, 2011
nothing new
by: Anonymous

Everyone knows the big ten is superior academically, this is nothing new.

Employers have always seeked Big 10 grads over sec grads. The mid-western work ethic has always been relevant. Even during the great depression northerners had little trouble finding work in the south for this very reason. But this is getting way off track.

Back to football please.

Jan 26, 2011
The Tides academics
by: Anonymous

Speaking of...Alabama..16 different sports were found to be in violation of NCAA rules and regulations, and a massive amount of wins by the Tide have been wiped off the books over the past few years.

Alabama will be forced to vacate 21 football wins that came under the watch of former coach Mike Shula and current coach Nick Saban, the university said in a release.

The football program, which will not lose future scholarships, and the other 15 teams have been put on three years’ probation — the third probation penalty for university athletics in the past decade. Alabama also was ordered to pay a $43,900 fine.

Bama’s probation will last until 2012.

But here’s where I think the NCAA is hiding something….the violations were all in relation to athletes illegally and improperly receiving textbooks for classes. I believe the infractions are surrounding something far more nefarious.

Ask yourself this – do you REALLY believe that Alabama athletes actually know how to read, let alone use textbooks, let alone go to CLASS? Need I remind you, the state of Alabama has a failing grade according to the US Chamber Of Commerce.

What is the NCAA hiding?????

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