Big Ten is Best All-Time College Football Conference

by Lou

The SEC is the best NCAA football conference now but they are not the best conference of all time. Up until about 8 years ago there were only a couple good SEC teams.

Auburn has been a decent ball club, with 2 losing seasons in the last 15 years.

Arkansas – let’s just say they should be playing in the MAC.

Alabama has not been consistently good since the mid 90s. It seems like since 94 Alabama wins 10 games or 6 games.

Florida – can’t say anything bad about them. Two national championships in 3 years and consistent double digit victory winners.

Georgia is also a consistent team with multiple high win seasons.

Kentucky should join Arkansas in the MAC.

LSU is the most overrated team in the SEC (second in the country to USC).

All-time they are irrelevant; not to mention they were given a trip to their last national championship.

Ole Miss -- never good -- maybe a trip to the Big East could get them some more wins.

Give Tennessee some credit usually a good ball club.

Vanderbilt should be forced to be independent.

Now let’s look at the Big-10.

Michigan just fell off a couple years ago. They have the highest winning percentage all-time (and highest since 1985 too). The Wolverines just tend to lose the big games, the same big games that half of the SEC teams can't get to.

Ohio State is the most dominate team for around the last 20 years. Competes yearly and is not scared to play a good team out of conference.

Purdue, not very good, but competes yearly.

Penn State - Joe Pa has proven to put good teams out there yearly.

Northwestern is never good, but usually a team that you do have to respect.

Wisconsin is usually a really good team and if it wasn't for Michigan and Ohio State they would be an elite team in the country.

The rest of the Big -10 teams can relocate.

All good conferences are top-heavy and all-time I'm takin Big Ten over SEC. SEC would rank neck and neck with the Big-12.

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