Big Ten Has Best History and is Top Overall Conference

Okay, is there any school in the sec that offers anything other than an associates degree, okay maybe vandy but we see how good they are.

Look at schools like Mich, PSU, Purdue and N'western, they are elite institutions with high standards, that trump any sec school.

As for college football as a business, there are 3 programs that rake in the most money, Mich, OSU and Notre Dame(practically in the big10) all in the wonderful North. And two Big10 schools have more wins than ANY sec school, OSU and Mich are both in top 5 for wins, with Mich with the most.

AND... look at who pumps out pros, OSU is right up there with USC and Miami with putting the most players in the draft. So we first put players in historically great programs, in elite academic institutions with high standards, you know grades and such, and win.

Yes the Big10 is down the past few years, anyone can tell you that. But if I remember a team went undefeated from the sec about 5 or 6 years ago and didn't even get invited to the NC game(auburn for those who don't know and they are a disappointment now), hmmm I think the sec was down that year,

its a vicious cycle, the sec will go down again I'm sure, its a process. Lets not bring up basketball here...

Hate on the Big10 but we have history, National Championships, Heismans, WINS, and prominent institutions that rank among the best in the world and put out decent teams even if we are in a slump, we all have our time...

As a Buckeye I rest happy at night with 7 National Titles and 7 Heisman trophies in the trophy case and a number of pros out there representing well AND more wins than ANY sec school.

Also go to the super bowl if you don't remember, a Buckeye caught the winning catch, and an Ohio boy threw it.

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