Big Ten Has All-Time Best Stats Too

by Dale Light
(Seattle Washington)

Stats can be manipulated to tell the story you want it to, or in this case by ignoring certain facts that don't prove your point, you can tell the story you want.

Here are some facts that I have for you.

Top 5 All Time Wins:
BIG TEN 2 vs SEC 0

1. Michigan 869
2. Notre Dame 824
3. Texas 823
4. Nebraska 815
5. Ohio State 797

And next is Penn State at 789 and Then Alabama at 787

All time top 5 Winning Percentage
BIG TEN 2 vs SEC 0
Again Michigan is 1st, Ohio State 4th, and Alabama 6th

Top Ten All Time Wins:
Big Ten 3 vs SEC 2

Conference with most Heisman Trophy Winners
Big Ten 17, SEC 9

Conference with most Outland Trophy Winners.

Big Ten 13, SEC 9

MY POINT: Just looking at the facts I presented it would appear the Big Ten is a much better conference. I am a Big Ten fan and specifically an Ohio State fan and I know the Big Ten currently is not a better conference in football when it comes to the total strength of the conference.

I don't believe the disparity is anywhere close to what many of the talking heads would have you believe but the SEC has been consistently better recently and I will not deny that. To say it is a better conference historically and using two facts to back it up is silly. Whoever quotes the top 15 or top 50. Ignore the obvious ones like top 5 or top 10. Ignore major awards, etc. Come on!

I do love the debate but please make a better point. Next you will be saying it's a better conference just because it has 12 of the top 120 teams and the Big Ten only has 11.

Editor's Note:

Dale -- you make some excellent points. To be brutally honest, when I started this site it was me and a blank computer screen. It was a hobby. That was only 17 months ago. I'm an SEC fan and thought we were the best (still do). So, I set out to prove it. And, yes, I picked stats that supported my argument...and ignored others.

But, I had no idea this site would get so big and get so much traffic. Gradually, I'm trying to go back and update pages and make them as fair and balanced as possible.

I'll add your stats to the top page in the future; in fact, I'll put a link to this post right now. Because this site has become more than just a small hobby site where I can say whatever I want and it not really matter.

It has become an authority site on certain topics -- one of which is the SEC vs Big Ten Debate.

And truly -- the most important thing I want the site to be is fair and honest and complete.

So, THANK YOU for your research and comments.

Of course, I remain convinced that SEC football is the best, which is why it is easy for me to be gracious and make concessions :)

Post here any time.


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