Big Ten FTW

by Biggie Tens

The SEC we are discussing is not a 12-team conference, but just merely a few good schools that can sort of play football and the ones that can't play football (with the exception of Florida) are good at academics.

The Big Ten, however, is an 11-team conference that values EDUCATION and ATHLETICS equally. The Big Ten Conference is the only division I conference to have ALL of its member schools (including former member University of Chicago) be recognized for their academics through the Association of American Universities, which recognizes only 60 universities.

Academics not good enough of an argument? Look at the number of NCAA titles: SEC only has 168, while the Big Ten has 223 (which do not include the 15 or so that were won when the SEC did not exist)

But in the end, the debate is like comparing apples to oranges. A Big Ten education prepares you for life and a career after sports, while an SEC education prepares you for...well nothing except maybe how to buy tickets for a football game.

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