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by R.S.
(Cleveland, Ohio)

I enjoyed reading your take on the Big Ten - SEC rivalry. It's nice, to see a very unbiased take on the rivalry.

The SEC currently has the better of it recently at the highest level (National Championship Games) but oddly enough the head to head in bowl games the past 5 yrs is now even. A great debate no doubt continues.

One thing to be considered is that an overwhelming number of the head to head matchups the past 5 years are played in SEC country due to the fact that they are bowl games. Theoretically this should give the SEC a built-in advantage. I wish the two conferences would play home and home matchups during the regular season. We can only speculate how the SEC would do in Big Ten territory.

Once again, I enjoyed reading your take on things.

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Jan 02, 2010
I couldn't agree more.
by: Michael Slay

You are correct I think. There is such a contrast in the type of player's and the way they're coached. I alway's wonder why they can't manage to play during the season. Of course their compition week in and out, well they both need a few easier games.

USC and Notre Dame have figured it out. Play the Big ten year early and the SEC year late so there is a better chance of decent field conditions.

Though I'm sure it's not shared by everyone up north. But in a day with so many dome stadium's, replay's and all, there is no excuse for games being played like Penn State and LSU yesterday. As close to perfect conditions should be in effect when games of this magnitude are played.

The games are played the same in bowls in California. I have always thought that the Rose Bowl is the most unfair game every year. No matter who the Pac ten sends, they have a ridiculous advantage. Of course like the BCS, it's all about the money. Let them play at a natural site for the Bowl games, with a good fieild!!!

Thank you for your thoughts!!!

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