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Funny that OSU can schedule home and aways with USC, Texas, Oklahoma, the Canes, Va Tech, California et al, but can't get an SEC team to schedule them.

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Apr 25, 2008
by: B.A.M.F

Big 10 fan,
Thanks for stopping by. Good question. I hope my answer will suffice. We don't need to! When any big 10 team plays 6-8 top 25 or top 30 teams each season, you may have an argument, but until then not working.

Nov 09, 2008
SEC Sucks
by: goblue

Ths SEC is soooo overrated! Who are the 8 top 25 teams the SEC teams are playing every year? Not to mention in conference? Yes you will have 4 or 5 teams doing ok or good. So does the Big Ten. Are LSU/FLA/ALA/GA fans stoked because they handled another tough game against Vandy? Or Kentucky? Or Mississippi? You have more teams that are the durge of college football then almost any big conference out there. I know, I know... we have NW, Indiana, and Minnesota. But in conference we will also have 4 or 5 top 25 teams virtually every year. Michigan is 18 - 5 all time against the SEC, 18 - 3 against the ACC, we love playing you boys down south. Heck we might have to move down below the Mason-Dixon so we can win a few more chamionships, the 11 we have are getting a little lonely.

Jan 19, 2009
goblue is an idiot
by: Anonymous


Vandy, Kentucky & Ole Miss won their bowl games over higher ranked teams. As did Florida.

Unless y'all get your act in gear, 11 titles is where you are going to end. Thank goodness we have to play for them now...... no more beauty pagent votes. Michigan was 51 yrs between titles & osu was 38 yrs between titles. Gotta respect that...... LMAO.

Apr 27, 2009
We have more than just football
by: BigTen#1

I wonder how well the SEC would be doing if their athletes were recruited based on intelligence as well as athletic ability... In the Big Ten, our fans are more than just fans of our football teams, and our athletes are actually smart and don't always major in communications. Unfortunately for the SEC, the measure of a great University is not how many football games it wins, but rather what impact the school makes on the world. And since this rivarly between conferences isn't just about sports, the Big Ten schools destroy SEC schools. All but one of the Big Ten schools (Northwestern) are in the top 30 Universities in the Nation (yes, thats 1/3 of the top 30 schools!), while only Florida (wtf??) and Georgia make it that high on list. See for your self:

May 02, 2009
big ten #100th
by: Anonymous

It's always nice to receive posts from big ten fans. Hilarity of the highest form.

This is a sports page. However, butt hurt big ten fans will try to use the GSR BS.

We own you. Thanks to ohio st. for playing punching bag to the Florida Gators.

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