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Your site is interesting. I would agree that the Big Ten SEC rivalry is now the biggest in college football regardless of our historical affiliation with the Rose Bowl and Pac 10.

The truth is that the Big Ten has the most glorious history of any athletic conference. When it comes to quality athletics, quality academics, and a rich history...there is no rival. Period, end of story.

I would agree that the SEC has had much recent success in athletics but the conference lacks the history and academic prowess of the Big Ten.

Likewise, the Ivy Leage was a force in the pre-modern era but has since been relegated to the minors.

In general, statistics don't lie. The SEC and Big Ten are pretty evenly matched in football and over the past few years the Big Ten has a slight advantage head-to-head.

In the end, due to the money and fan support Big Ten schools have at their disposal, the conference has, by a wide margin, the most lucrative bowl contracts. What that means, however, is that Big Ten football team are often overmatched in bowl games. Still, they tend to play well and often overachieve. Wisconsin has won its previous two bowls against SEC schools. In both games, Wisconsin was the underdog. Prior to that, Wisconsin lost two consecutive bowls to SEC schools.

We shall see how things go this year. There will be some great games and I know most SEC fans are certain they'll be 3-0 against the Big Ten. Just as certain as OSU fans were last year that they would be National Champs.

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