Big Ten Buckeye

by Mike
(Louisville, KY)

Great website...

I am a Big Ten fan who years ago was finally willing to agree that the SEC has a slight edge over the Big Ten and other conferences during MOST years lately. I think they are a deeper conference and they are more skilled and more aggressive at the passing game.

I think the conferences are equal physically but I think the Big Ten focuses too much on physical play. If their coaches focused a little more on skill play I believe they could close the gap with the SEC.

One thing I wanted to point out to you about your facts...your own College Football Data Warehouse shows that the Big Ten has a 94-87-7 record vs. the SEC. Yet you have the SEC holding a 63-45-2 record over the Big Ten. Where are these stats coming from?

I also want to add that the SEC's advantage is can go back 10 years in bowls and you will still find that the Big Ten and SEC are pretty much even. (That is with Ohio State losing all 3 of their games!) So, give some love to the other Big Ten teams (besides Mich, OSU and PSU) as they have held their own against your top notch conference.

Good Luck in your bowl games except against the Big Ten.

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Dec 29, 2007
Big Ten vs. SEC
by: Mo Johnson

Thanks Mike, appreciate your kind words. We strive to keep the discussion civil here -- and I think that distinguishes this site from most sports sites.

Based on your comments I actually updated the SEC vs Big Ten page to clarify it a bit.

The numbers you refer to where we show the SEC with the advantage are based on historical conference affiliation. We think that is the fairest way.

The numbers you got from CFDW that show the Big Ten with the advantage are based on all-time head to head games between current members of the Big Ten and current members of the SEC. It also includes games played between those schools prior to 1932 when the SEC was formed.

We don't think games played before the SEC existed are relevant to SEC vs Big Ten stats. But, certainly, that's a matter of debate.

As you say, both conferences are great football conferences and very close.

Anyway, looking forward to the bowls kicking into high gear. The SEC has it's first bowl game in an hour as Miss. State kicks off in the Liberty Bowl.

Go Bulldogs!

Apr 25, 2008
Slight Edge - Come on Wake Up

A slight edge. Please stop. The SEC is the Top Conference. Most have the big 10 around 4th best conference. I agree with them. Michigan played their little hearts out for their lame duck coach. How nice. Had those rooster poots gave two nickels for Lloyd Carr he would still be coaching. Now the Maze and Blue are using a hill jack to direct the spread salad offense.

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