Big Ten Beats SEC in Every Stat

by Scott Howard II -- Big12Avatar
(U.S. Navy Chillicothe, Ohio, United States)

To whomever wrote the information on this site.

Your own stats on this site don't even match each other when you repeat them twice or more.

Also the comment on the post-season when Michagan played Florida, Wisconsin played Tennesee, and Lsu played Ohio State. The record for that goes in that order Michagan defeated Florida, Wisconsin defeated Tennesee, and Lsu defeated Ohio State. Not the other way around.

I'm a Big 12 fan and I clearly see that you do not have your stats together.

Oh and one last thing the overall record for Big Ten vs Sec it's more like 86-91-6 with the Big ten leading. And adding on to that record the Big ten has more heismen trophy winners, more national titles and way way more all americans.

So get your stats together yea the sec has won a few recent titles but the big ten is still and probably will always be up on the Sec in every stat including winning games. 2 teams from the big ten have one more than 800 games and 1 from the Sec.

Editor's Reply: Thanks Scott for the comments. We stand by our stats. I won't say there couldn't be any mistakes, but if you have a specific mistake to point out, please do so -- using the same time frames, etc that we use when we quote the stat.

You state we are wrong when we say that Tennessee beat Wisconsin in the 2008 Outback Bowl. Sorry, but Tennessee won that game 21-17. Here's a link to verify that:

Anyway, we strive to be accurate at SEC Sports Fan. So, again, if you have specifics, please post them here. Thanks.

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