Big Ten and Pac 10 Dominate SEC

by ronny sendukas
(los angeles, CA)

Overall, the big 10 (AND the Pac-10) have dominated the SEC. Don't even suggest that the football tradition in the florida swamps can hold a stick to the big 10 tradition.

The critical difference, my friend, is that, unlike the SEC, every game you play is against the pride of an entire state, and anyone can beat you on any Saturday. Whereas, for example, schools like Vandy and Georgia cannot beat you on ANY saturday.

As you admit, overall, the SEC has a losing record against the Big 10 and the Pac-10 (especially lately -- Hell, a mediocre Michigan team with 4 losses beat Florida on New Year's day the same year they won their national championship. Florida plays in the Big 10 that year they have 3 losses minimum.

Most importantly, that doesn't account for the CRITICAL fact that in any Big 10 bowl matchup, the Big 10 team is a lower-ranked team that's been selected for that bowl game nonetheless because as everyone know and you even won't dispute, the Big 10 teams "travel" better than any other conference teams by a factor of about 10x better. Would you rather have 100,000 Iowa fans come to your bowl and your town, or 1,000 Auburn fans? You get the point.

Anyway, I know that USC has dominated the SEC. In fact, I can't remember them ever losing to an SEC team. If I'm wrong, i'm off maybe by a game, but it's still ridiculously lopsided.

Being a Michigan fan, I was also curious about the record of Michigan vs. SEC. It looks like we are 20-5-1 against the SEC. My 12 year old's pee wee league team could muster better than that 25% record.

Sorry to bust your bubble, but you should have been able to bust it yourself long ago. Maybe you should have gone to a good academic institution (oh, Big 10 vs. SEC?, we know you don't want to go there.)

Anyway, don't get me wrong, I think the SEC is a fine football conference, but you're screwing your own self by trying to convince yourself that you are superior, when clearly you aren't and the East Coast sportscaster idiots are finally, slowly, understanding that.

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Sep 03, 2012
by: Sherry

This comment will be short and sweet. Bama 41
Michigan 14. Nuff said.

Jan 02, 2013
What were you thinking
by: Anonymous

Hey Small Ten/PAC 12 guy I am not sure if you have bothered to pick up a newspaper or turn on your TV in the last 3 years to notice that these two Confernce are clearly light years behind the SEC. Really the only evidence you need is the SEC is about to win its 7th straight BCS National Championship! It's been another embarrassing bowl season for the PAC 12 and Big Ten! Thank god for Northerstern! Your 2-5 this season and 6-18 in the last three years! The PAC 12 well I really don't even need to respond to that section but I will say this about your precious USC! You got slammed by Georgia Tech in the Sun Bowl! Yes that's right Sun Bowl! To put that in perspective for you Georgia beat Gerogia Tech by 50 points a month ago! Just be glad the one of your tow conferences had to win the Rose Bowl. But don't listen to me just google it the storied failures of these two conferences are well noted! Do your research then make a post! How one last thing, how did that Michigan game end up for you?

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