big 8 and big 12 are the same, historically

by jackson hime
(houston tx usa)

"The only conference the SEC has lost more bowl games than won against is the Big-8 which doesn't exist any more."

it is a notable cop-out when you divided the big 8 from the big 12 solely to prove your point. your argument completely falls apart at this point.. especially when you were making a point of showing historical team affiliation being more accurate than current affiliation.

you see if you can't stick to one side you probably shouldn't be going around trying to make points and prove things.

so considering the only thing you have proven is that the sec has a higher percentage of bowl wins- and you think that proves something but once combined with the knowledge of there history against big 8/big 12 it proves that they won more because they played weaker teams. against big8/big 12 the sec is 28/28- another .500 mark.

yea sec is a damn good conference, but so is the big 12, and the big 10 and pac 10 as well but unfortunatly those conferences are largely carried by a few big names.

anyways i feel like i could go on but i see a lot of people have already called out the numerous inconsistencies in this article. sorry man but this is straight amateur. laters and gig em.

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