Big 10 Responsible For No Playoff

by Rick
(Greenville, SC)

The Big Ten loves their stupid Rose Bowl too much.
The SEC started the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) with a vision of eventually creating a playoff.

Really, it's true, the BCS was meant to get all conferences at the same table to make college football better.

Every year since the beginning of the BCS, the SEC has attempted to move forward only to be shot down by the Big Ten.

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Dec 28, 2007
by: Joe

I am not sure why you started witht the Rose Bowl which has a time honored traditiona and is one of the most primier of all of the bowls, and ended up talking about the BCS, which has in the past, has shown multiple faults in computation (can you say Boise State?)The SEC loves the SEC, and no other conference. It believes that it is the best in the country and whines when it's shown it isn't. If you want to go to the Rose Bowl, say it...the SEC, WAC and ACC are the only conferences that have NEVER played in the Rose Bowl. You shouldn't be just a Big Ten hater because your conference hasn't played there. Hate the Big Ten because we are 8-7 versus the SEC in bowls, which could change this year. We are the top two conferences: every year one is better than the other...Lakers/Celtics, Cowboys/49ers, Red Wings/Avalanche, Michigan/Ohio State, Alabama/Auburn, Big Ten/SEC....greatest rivalries should stay pure of the whining....let'em show in the play!

Jan 02, 2008
by: Anonymous

ESecPN/ABC are why we have this stupid system! As the theory goes controversy results in higher tv ratings! I am a huge big ten fan however, after taking the glasses off, the big 12 whoops both of our conferences as well as the top half of the pac 10! Ohio State and LSU would lose to USC & Missouri. So if i were an SEC fan i would thank god for ESecPN/ABC and the BcS system. (Ps Minnesota would whoop Miss St.)

Jan 03, 2008

You have to be out of your mind.In 2001 The Ohio State Buckeyes, played 14 games. They beat Miami in the Fiesta Bowl for their 14th win. Miami was on a 34 game winning streak, best of all time. Until usc did the same and lost to Texas.So if you want we can play all year long. Call up gene smith the a.d. We will gladly put the cocks on our schedule.
P.S. If you can show me the schedule of an sec team going 14-0, I will buy a cocks uniform.So take care ricky.M

Mar 31, 2008
A little bit off
by: Anonymous

You need to go deeper to get to the interesting truth...

Before the BCS, those Rose Bowl paid out order orders-of-magnitude more than the BCS. Why on earth would the Rose Bowl (which is not owned by the Big 10, by the way) give up a bowl for a worse deal. They joined the BCS when it made sense for them to do so, and I find that refreshing and responsible.

And don't tell me it's just about football and getting an ultimate champ decided at the end. Someone has to pay the bills and those folks have every right to have a say in the process.

The SEC did not start the BCS. The NCAA did. The idea that the SEC moves good things forward only to be shot down by the Big 10 is simply mis-informed. The SEC moves forward with ideas that benefit them, the Big 10 moves forward with ideas that benefit them. When folks come up with a change that benefits both (or, rather, the most), and the people that are footing the bill (yes, that matters), then those changes are implemented.

As it should be.

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