Best Football Conference is Largely a Numbers Game

by John Powell

Based on what i read here, it is all in how you fix the numbers. Ex. since 1990 SEC has 6 NC. BigXII has 3. But if you are not looking through SEC glasses you see the BigXII has won 6.

1990 CU
1994 Neb
1995 Neb
1997 Neb
2000 OK
2005 TX

And then the comment is made,

"Also, the list above shows the Big 12 with most all-time football championships. This is largely due to the great teams Oklahoma and Nebraska had over the years."

And this is not the case with the SEC having 15 NC and Alabama claims 12 of them. Doesnt say much for the rest of the conference. That leaves 3 NC to be divided up by 11 other SEC schools. But that wouldn't be largely due to the great teams Alabama had in the past.

Not claiming anything before 1936 might be a wise choice. I do like you website, i just dont like how the numbers get manipulated to fit what you want them to say. One thing i would like to see is a Conference vs Conference in bowl game results. This would be more indicative of conf supremacy as opposed to Georgia in a strong year playing Baylor in a week year.

Not logical. At least a bowl game indicates that you were somewhat repectable during the season.

Editor's Note: Thanks John, good points. We are always striving to "flesh out" our stats more and more. So, thanks for your help! Seriously. When I started the site, it was more of an advocacy forum. Since then we've moved more and more to be as objective as possible. I actually think objectivity, in totality, works to the advantage of the SEC.

Anyway, thanks and look forward to more posts from you. In fact, if you want, I'd be willing to start a Big 12 Football Blog, right here and make you the editor. Use a contact form to let me know if you are interested.

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Sep 17, 2008
by: Anonymous

Check your stats. If the SEC has 15 NC's and Alabama has 12 of those. Then how could...
Florida win in 96, Tennessee win in 98, LSU win in 03, Florida win in 06, and LSU win in 07. Those 5 plus Bama's 12 equals 17. Actually, the SEC 9 AP or BCS championships to its credit since 1936 not counting BAMA.

Besides, using your thinking, take out the Oklahoma and Nebraska championships and you have 4 AP or BCS championships to split among the REST of the Big 12 dating back to 1936.

It also depends on what poll/organizations National Championship you are counting. There are so many...

Nov 20, 2010
Miami's should count for big east
by: Travis

The ACC should have 4 and the Big East should have 8. The University of Miami won 5 national championships when they were listed in the Big East Conference. They played a Big East schedule, so those championships should forever stay with the Big East Conference.

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