BCS -- Unfair to SEC?

by Rondale
(Columbus, Ohio)

If you want to talk about fair lets talk about the last time the SEC has been past kentucky - '95!
they play all their games in the south.

When the bowl games come around they play IN THE SOUTH!!

How is that fair?

if you want to level the playing field have some playoff/BCS games up north in the cold...or with snow!!

thats big ten ball and thats what they recruit players for.

Just being FAIR!!

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Feb 18, 2008
Since when
by: Ish

has it snowed at a Big 10 game before November? If "Big 10 ball" is all about snow, are you saying that the first 6-8 games of your schedule shouldn't count because they are played in decent weather?

Wow, I always suspected that you had to be stupid to live in a place that got regular snow, now I am convinced. Thanks.

Feb 19, 2008
by: Anonymous

Its true, they do not want to admit it, but trust SEC fans do not want to have anything that does not benefit them. They do not play cold weather ball, but its like the NFL hmmm a few years back when the Eagles blew the doors off the Falcons in the NFC champ game, the Falcons n Vick said it was too cold to play their style, lol but its cool Big10 has to play all away games, lol. Illinois vs USC home game, Ohio State vs lsu home game, scUM vs UF home game, get the point, enough said acknowledge FACTS NOT OPINIONS SOUTHERNERS!!!!

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