by Brad W.



First allow me to say I have a great affinity for the SEC and Big10 due to my "roots". I was born and raised on the bayou in Louisiana therefore I support my Bayou Bengals. I also have a special place in my heart for my beloved Buckeyes from THE Ohio State University.

All that said, I must admit that I find your website complete HORSE-shit. I could very well start a BigTen site that skewed numbers as well as you do without providing a good place for the readers to go and see the truth which is as follows, head-to-head the Big10 holds a 98-95-7 record OVER the SEC, ALL TIME, FACTS.

And to prove this you may all wade thru the BS this website pushes and see it for yourself from an un-biased source.

Read it and weep. And while I'm on my soapbox let me stem the tide of conference's rather simple, if they are in your conference now then you use the stats cause I'd love to remove Penn State's 17-18 record against the SEC but they are in the conference. So without futher delay, please, research for yourself and see.

And I know there will be several responses of "Well, Ohio State is 1-9 in bowl games." Yes they are and that's pathetic but when you add the term ALL TIME they are 8-11-2, still a losing record but much better than the 1-9 stat y'all LOVE utilizing.

By the way, since were talking about it the SEC also has a losing record to 1A independents (Notre Dame, Army, Navy). History folks, you can't change it but it does repeat itself so enjoy your time at the time and please attempt to rule with a little class and humility cause when the tide turn, which it will, it's gonna be a long row to hoe.

Last thing, it's elementary, actually, as to why the SEC is so dominate....

They pay better and have an awesome legal staff.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi, I got a chuckle reading your comments, thanks. We explain on the page exactly our methodology and stand by it. But, you make some good points. If you want to count games that occurred before the SEC existed, when the southern teams were more like club teams, then, yes, the Big Ten teams won more games. Heck you guys pretty well dominated for a few decades back at the beginning. But, if you start when the SEC was formed, then, all-time SEC vs Big Ten stats are exactly as we claim.

It's a wonderful rivalry though. Looking forward to playing Nebraska in future bowls.

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