Auburn Tigers Fan Gift Ideas

by Jessica
(Lower Alabama (LA) )

Hey thanks for getting along such good information on choosing auburn tigers gifts. I support auburn tigers and I absolutely love it when somebody gifts me an Auburn Tigers gift. I was looking for buying some gift items for my family and that is how I came across your wonderful website on SEC Sports. Of all the cool suggestions you have made in the auburn tigers gifts page I liked the Tailgate Toss.

I intend to buy one of those but am a little confused about a couple of other products that I came across while researching the website where this is being sold. I know it is a tough ask but it would be great if you can have a look at the products I have shortlisted and suggest a good combination of the products to buy for my family including or excluding the Tailgate Toss.

BBQ Tote
I loved this set of 3 piece barbeque tote. It will be a perfect gift for my husband who happens to be a big Tigers fan and loves BBQ. The price also looks lucrative at around $30 odd dollars. Please have a look at it at


I am also lured into this unique mailbox shaped like a helmet and carrying the logo of Auburn Tigers. The mailbox here

is officially licensed and there is an option of choosing a personalized name plate. This will make receiving mails fun and hip. Now I am not sure if I can go ahead with the tailgate, BBQ tote and the mailbox. My finances would permit going for a combination of any two of the three and I am unable to decide on which combination to go ahead with. I cannot share this with my husband as I intend this to be a surprise for my entire family.
The following is the one I have chosen for our kid and this is more or less finalized until and unless you have another stunning suggestion which forces me to think again. You may have a quick look at it at

I would be so grateful to you for your time and help.



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