auburn fan -- USC won 5 football championships


I'm an auburn fan but USC was the AP champ in 62 67 and 72, and the BCS champ in 03 and 04...that's five for one pac-10 team alone, not to mention any've got pac 10 listed as 4 total championships

EDITOR's Note: Thanks, but USC only won in 04. LSU won in 03. As you know, prior to the BCS, you had to look at multiple polls to determine a national champ. I'll stand by our stats.

But, thanks for the note

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Nov 09, 2007
Official National Championships
by: Tex/1st-N-Goal

NCAA-accepted official National Champions*

USC: 1962-67-72-74-2003-04==5

LSU: 1958-2003=2

Yes, LSU/SEC fans yall won the title in 2003; just not the unaminous title--but then, neither was the 1958 championship all yours.

Iowa was awarded the 1958 FWAA (Football Writers Association of America) championship--an official selector by NCAA standards.

USC won the AP 2003 and this selector has been around since 1936 and in more authorative than any other--including the BCS.

Till we get a playoff game for Bowl Subdivision, split championships are quite possible.

If two teams can't settle it on the field--where a championship should be settled--split championship will like happen once in awhile.

And I am not talking about a 1-game BCS Championship Game...I mean a series of games of at least 4 (semi-final and title games) or more.

There has been a number years were a split championship should have been awarded, but wasn't.

So, SEC fans, Pac Ten fans and alums of all schools who has ever one a Major College title, brag that your school is #1 and hope they repeat!

In the race for No. 1 one this season, personally I hope Michigan defeates Ohio State; and don't forget LSU stil has to win the SEC Championship Game....I for one want a school that has NEVER won it before.

When was the last time a school won it for the first time?

Glad you asked.

The last time major college had a "new or first time champion" was....Florida, 1996.

So, don't complain your school had to share a title with someone....voice your thoughts that we should have a playoff to settle it!!

*Sources that make-up officially accepted National Champions: AP, since 1936; UP/UPI, 1950; FWAA, 1954; National Football Foundation/Hall of Fame, 1959; USA TODAY, 1991.

The BCS is apart of the championship process but not listed as official selector in the record book.

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