are you on drugs?

sec basketball the best conference? You had 6 teams in the tournament and 1 made it to the sweet sixteen and got murdered by Louisville. You use preseason polls as a criteria. Why? How about final ranking with tennessee and vanderbilt who was ranked 25th. Without Florida and Kentucky, SEC basketball would be nothing. the big east and acc are clearly better and even the pac 10 and big ten are better basketball conferences than the sec.

Please put down the pipe

Editor's Note: Nope, no drugs on board here. You must have missed the top of our SEC basketball page. I think we acknowledge clearly there that SEC basketball is not number 1 -- not now. men's b-ball anyway.

but, as for all time, you don't mention LSU and Arkansas who also have great basketball histories. but, yea, sec basketball was disappointing in March Madness 2008. No doubt

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