Another fact that hurts the Big 10

by Kurt
(Winter Haven, FL)

Unlike their SEC counterparts, Big 10 schools actually apply academic standards when recruiting athletes. Since SEC schools recruit anyone no matter how low their grades/scores are, their athletic programs have a distinct advantage over the likes of Michigan, for example.

Perhaps the Big 10 should take note of this and remember that athletics are the REAL reason why large universities exist and academics should be second. Michigan doesn't need its top law school, Iowa doesn't need its MFA program, and Illinois doesn't need its engineering program. They'd be much better off if they devoted more resources to football and relaxed their academic requirements.

Go Gators!

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Sep 24, 2007
Florida Ranks 6th in the Country in Graduation Rates
by: Mo

I give you 5 stars because your comment made me laugh -- and also I had to guess whether you are being critical of SEC academic standards or praising them.

In any event, I would note that the Gators ranked 6th nationally in graduation rates. So you obviously can have high academic standards and still win.

I suspect the rest of the SEC (other than Vandy) are considerably further down the list. But, we've never done a full analysis of this issue. It would be an interesting thing to look into.

Let us know if you have any actual stats comparing Big Ten and SEC graduation rates.


Dec 29, 2007
How does this make sense?
by: Big Ten 4 life

So you're proud that you have no standards for your students to keep up with? Academic requirements must be met by the students. Student Athletes note that student comes're there to learn. When I talk to southerners I feel like I have to lower my IQ to understand them and now you admitted to it by saying that your schools dont have high academic standards...thats like going to a cathouse to find a wife.

Jan 07, 2008
Ha Ha.....Thats Funny
by: Anonymous

The University of Michigan is a university not a ************, amazing that they have high academic standards and a very competitive football team, and basketball team, and a law school, and a school of medicine....... Maybe SEC "schools" should actually educate people on more than football

Jan 15, 2008
response to academic comment
by: zippy pin head

There really isn't much difference between the two conferences as far as academic prowess. Using U.S. News & World Report rating as well as the Princeton Review as guides we see Northwestern and Vandy are at the top of heap with Michigan close behind. Next would be Florida, followed by Penn State and Georgia. The rest in both conferences (including The Ohio State) are further down the rankings. Actually if you are willing to put in the effort you can get a great education at any of the 23 institutions that comprise these conferences.


Sep 11, 2008
@ zippy pin head
by: Hudi

“There really isn't much difference between the two conferences as far as academic prowess.” Actually, there is. All the schools in the Big Ten are members of the Association of American Universities. Academics are important enough to the Big Ten that it, along with former member the University of Chicago, has an academic parallel: The Committee on Institutional Cooperation.

In sharp contrast, the SEC boasts only two member schools in the AAU: Florida and Vanderbilt. The fact that the State of Florida is not truly Southern culturally undoubtedly bolsters its flagship university. Vanderbilt is a fine school, if not on par with Northwestern, and is legitimately Southern in character. It was founded, of course, by a New Yorker. Other than Florida and Vandy, the SEC is pretty uninspiring, at least in terms of “book larnin’.”

I will say that my friend who went to Alabama had a fantastic time, graduated with a GPA in the mid-3s, and “never cracked a book.” And, yes, that is both criticism and praise.

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