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Messi Wants to Earn €50 Million a Year

In the near future, Lionel Messi will enter into negotiations for a new contract with Barcelona. The Argentinean put forward a claim for a salary of €50 million a year without taxes. According to the current agreement, which expires in the summer of 2018, the forward earns half as much. That's really impressive, agree?

So let's recall the most impressive earnings of sportsmen in history and compare them with the potential income of one of the most popular players on the planet. Maybe this information will help you to make a winning bet in a casino online who knows.

Who Wants More?

Barcelona is actively negotiating about the extension of contracts for its main stars – Latin American strikers Neimar, Luis Suarez, and Messi. A new agreement has already been signed with the Brazilian (the contract for five years includes the amount of compensation of €200 million), and the conclusion of a new document on the mutually beneficial cooperation with the Uruguayan is a matter of time. However, attempts to find common ground with the Argentinean are just beginning.

Lionel Messi

According to the contract, Neimar will earn €25 million a year, and his partner Messi with the current official income of €48 million per season receives only half of this amountafter a tax. Now, Leo intends to earn at least twice as much net of any taxes, which will force the bosses of the Catalan club to pay one of the best football players crazy amounts.If the club accepts the demands of the Argentinean, then he will become the highest paid football player of the planet. However, the sportsworld knows cases when athletes earned even more impressive fees.

Sebastian Vettel

A pilot of the "Formula 1" Sebastian Vettel can boast a contract with an income of more than $50 million for a season. The leader of Ferrari in 2015 concluded an agreement for three years, and the total fee amount covering all the bonuses was $240 million.

Cam Newton

Traditionally rich athletes are representatives of purely American sports – baseballand American football. For example, the total income of Cam Newton from the NFL club Carolina Panthers, according to Forbes, amounted to $41 million without taking into account sponsorship contracts in 2016.

LeBron James

The incomes of NBA basketball players are slightly lower, where the main stars of the league are able to enjoy earnings of about $30 million per season. According to the contract with Cleveland, one of the best players in the history of LeBron James will be enriched by $100 million in three seasons.

LeBron James - NBA basketball player

Giancarlo Santon

The 27-year-old baseball player Giancarlo Santon is not the owner of the highest salary, but as you know, the sign of a skill is stability in everything. Therefore, Santon signed a 13-year contract with Miami Marlins for a total of $325 million. A participant in three Star League matches, Major League Baseball will play in the Marlinsuntil the age of 38 with a salary of $25 million peryear.

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