Alabama Crimson Tide Pendant, Can Holder and Stationary

by Lyn Stimpson
(Birmingham, Alabama)

I have been looking around for some Alabama Crimson Tide Gifts for some time now and I thoroughly enjoyed your suggestions here. There are some lovely gift items for Alabama Crimson Tide fans. I liked the pendants. They are so cool. Apart from that the tire covers are something that impressed me as I do go out on drives quite frequently. That’s another "medium" for me to extend my support to my favorite team.

Here is one neoprene made can holder

that I found to be extremely useful for me. The most important aspect of it is that it will snug into my truck and keep me away from all the potential mess of handling a cold can and drink spills. I also loved the Pilsner glasses at

The glass features the Crimson Tide logo and has a unique look and feel with great looking crystals placed in between the outer and inner layers of the glass. Perfect look for a glass that is to house some very chilled and inviting beer!

One more product which I discovered and liked very much in the process of looking around after following the gift ideas you had mentioned is this tissue paper cover

This cover will make something as trivial as a tissue paper an item worth taking a look at.
Thanks a lot for getting me off my couch and get going with my Crimson tide gift search. As I write this my brain is constantly churning out new ideas for this year’s Christmas and New Year celebrations. Isn’t it amazing what charm a simple stationary item could have on your emotions?

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