7 Sports Fans You Avoid on Game Day

Sports Fans You Avoid on Game Day
If you're like most sports fans, you have some go-to friends that you always call on game day. You either go to the stadium or watch the game on TV, enjoy a few drinks, and talk sports until it's over. Then there's that other guy - the one you hope won't call you, who you pray won't ask to come over and watch the game, or who you avoid at the stadium. Most of the time, "that guy" has one of these seven identities.

1. "What's the Spread" Fred
You love to talk sports betting with people who know what they're doing, or at least they have a favorite betting blog and news site they follow. Then, there's "What's the Spread" Fred - the guy who's desperate to get into sports betting but who doesn't have a clue. He asks you to explain the simplest questions over and over again, or he tries to pump you for the spread because he hasn't bothered to research it.

Then, once he makes his sports book, he starts screaming during every single play in the game. He's acting like it's tied with 10 seconds left in the game when someone's kicking a field goal in the first quarter.

When I'm Angry
2. "You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry" Andy
"You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry" Andy has issues, and he's not afraid to show it. He hulks out every time the littlest thing goes wrong in the game. He gets red-faced, throws his party mix, he spills his beer, and screams at anyone and anything. If he's sitting behind you at the stadium, everyone in the section hates him before the end of the first inning. If you're watching the game at home, you put away all of your breakables before he comes over because you know he might throw one at the TV.

3. "Conspiracy Theory" Carl
Everyone has some crazy ideas about the game, but none of them are as ludicrous as "Conspiracy Theory" Carl's. In fact, you know he's up late at night, scouring the Internet for the latest tinfoil hat craziness. He's sure that NBA commissioner David Stern rigged the 1985 draft to make sure that the Knicks got Patrick Ewing, and he knows that the NFL still has Bill Belichick's secret "Spygate" tapes hidden in a vault. Oh, and Neil Armstrong never walked on the moon, and there are still aliens at Area 51.

4. "Everyone Sucks" Steve
In the world of "Everyone Sucks" Steve, no one makes it because they're actually good. They only win because they get a lucky break, or they only win because someone else cheated. One guy wins a trophy, but it's only because another guy got injured; the guy who got the trophy sucks. Even when your team wins, they suck now, they sucked last year, they sucked a decade ago, and they'll suck for all eternity.

5. "Old Timer" Tommy
Sometimes, it's great to watch the game with older sports fans. And then, there's "Old Timer" Tommy, who won't stop talking about how the sports world used to be better when he was a kid. Everything was better before instant replay. The overtime rules destroyed NCAA football. If you don't stop him, he shouts, "Get off my lawn!" when the baseball teams take the field. It's not a fun trip down memory lane with him; it's a one-way ticket to sports fan hell.

6. "One-Note" Wayne
"One-Note" Way doesn't have anger management problems, but heloves to heckle that one selected player. He starts in the first quarter, says the same garbage over and over again, and doesn't stop yakking until the final buzzer. If you've got season tickets, there he is, yelling about the same thing, 10 games later. Of course, he's never drunk, and he never uses profanity – which means you can't get him thrown out of your section.

7. "Give 'Em a Few More Chances" Gary
It's a noble thing to be a loyal fan. After all, someone has to go to those Cubs games. However, "Give 'Em a Few" Gary just doesn't know when to give up on a loser. He's always convinced that it's someone's lucky day, and he doesn't know a lost cause when he sees one.  Of course, there's an upside: Make some bets against him. You're guaranteed to win.

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