2011 NFL Fantasy Football Picks

Probably none of our fantasy football picks will ever be considered the best pro football player of all time (well maybe Peyton Manning). But still, we have some good picks.

NFL fans have a lot of preparing to do with the season coming up in a manner of weeks. You may want to make sure that your grill is in good shape, and possibly update your cable package at www.direct.tv. Perhaps you’re looking into buying a new jersey to support your team, or, if you are lucky, purchasing tickets for some of this year’s games. Whatever the case for you, you are almost certainly starting to set up your fantasy football leagues and teams… with that in mind, here are a few things to consider, specifically with regard to attractive looking picks that might be traps:

o Peyton Manning – Manning always produces fantastic numbers, and is one of the most consistent and talented players in the NFL. Generally, this makes him a safe early pick; he has always been a solid option as a starting QB for any good fantasy team. However, for anyone who has not paid close attention to the preseason this year, Manning is recovering from neck surgery, and may miss the first few games of the season. You may want to keep an eye on this situation if you’re considering drafting Manning… though he would be a steal if you could get him later in a draft and stash him on your bench until he’s healthy.

o Kevin Kolb – Quite the opposite of Manning, Kolb is not an established or proven stalwart, but a trendy new face. Many will take a chance on him, as he has been projected by some to possess star quality, and has gone to a team in the Arizona Cardinals with an elite receiver (Larry Fitzgerald). However, Kolb is still inexperienced, and will be expected to lead a totally new team and offensive system. Wait a year or two on this one.

o Reggie Bush – Despite the fact that he never blossomed into a star the way he did in college, Bush was in a good situation in New Orleans, playing for a high-powered offense. He will have some tough adjustments to make playing for the Dolphins, and it would potentially be foolish to get too excited about his prospects there.

o Jonathan Stewart – Not long ago, Stewart was part of a backfield duo so dangerous that both were solid fantasy options. However, by giving DeAngelo Williams a whopping new contract, the Panthers clarified who their number one guy is. Additionally, Stewart is somewhat injury prone, and will probably be asked to do a lot seeing as the Panthers will be starting a rookie quarterback and relying heavily on the run. Stewart’s fantasy value should decline further this season.

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