2005 Texas vs USC -- Best National Championship Game of All Time

What a crock. Texas has won more college football games than anyone else except Michigan. They have a higher winning percentage than Alabama. They have beaten Alabama time and again.

What Texas doesn't do is OVERSIGN its recruits to give it unfair advantage like most SEC teams. The SEC is woeful in academics and only has emerged as a top conference by oversigning young players. It is the Barry Bond of conferences.

Anyway the Texas V. USC 2005 national championship game is widely recognized as the best of all time.

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Nov 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

DUMBASS.... The reason the SEC is the best starts with the coaches. SEC has the best period. Then you have the weather and exposure. Kids are not stupid these day's. They know if you can compete and be good in the SEC you will have your best chance at getting to the next level.
By the way the Game mentioned here was a great game. But just like players, there is no such thing as the best....except of coarse the SEC :-)

Dec 02, 2011
SEC Fantasyland
by: Anonymous

The SEC is just another conference there is nothing special about it at all. Most of its teams are located in poor rural areas or small backwoods towns that are not any kind of draw.
You SEC nuts live in a fantasy land and are way over rated(in your own minds).

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