What happened to the St. Louis Dispatch Article?

by scott

Saw an article by Bernie Miklasz, referring to "sueing the Rams". Where is it now? Was it too Pro-Patriot?

Hey, I am as intrigued as anyone, and would love nothing more that to see the Pats go down, but this guy DOES make some good points. In the end, like Martz has stated, it's not whether the taping helped, it's the fact that the tape MAY exist.

Editor's Note: Scott -- the articles automatically cycle through with new ones constantly being added and old ones falling off the page. If you have a link to the Ram's article you are referring to -- submit the link and it will be here for good. Thanks

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Feb 25, 2008
St. Louis Dispatch Article
by: scott

Here is the LINK to the RECENTLY PUBLISHED St. Louis Dispatch article relating to "Spygate"

St. Louis Dispatch Article.

Here's the link. It was a story published TODAY, so odd it would "fall off" so quickly.

Editor's Note: Thanks Scott. I got a chuckle from your insinuation that we took the story off. If it was taken off inappropriately, then your beef is with Google as they control what stories are on this page and how long they stay. Obviously, "Spygate" is hot right now, so lots of stories on it.

Anyway, I haven't read your story yet, but look forward to.

Thanks again.

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