The Spygate Party Is Not Over!

by Johnny

As you can see, the NFL is sticking to their "firewall" based on the Patriots videotaping transgressions. Better to have the media focus on this seemingly harmless practice rather than getting into the unseemly world of Ernie Adams, radio frequencies and illegal communications via the QB headset right up to the play snaps.

There was a reason the taping kept up for seven years despite the risk of getting caught, but Roger Goodell doesn't want those reasons getting out in public. He might have to do his job then.

None of the questions around radio communications were apparently posed to Matt Walsh and I suspect Walsh knew little or nothing of what were done with the stolen signals based on the second hand story he passed on to Arlen Specter (from Drew Bledsoe in all likelihood).

The Patriots organization is well known to be highly compartmentalized (ala an intelligence organization) with little central control other than at Belichick's (or perhaps Ernie Adams') level.

Why isn't anyone asking to talk to Adams? Why no interviews with former players (like Doug Flutie who's rumored to have told friends of the illegal practices), or former coaches (like Charlie Weis who's been having trouble coaching at the college level without the benefit of stolen signals and QB headsets)?

The NFL doesn't want us to know and lord knows the reverberations that would come from Las Vegas if we did know. Belichick would certainly have to watch out for his knee caps!

Stay tuned. This isn't close to being over despite all the whining protestations from Patriot (or should I say Stepford) Nation!

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