Spygate, the SEC, and Belichick

by Scott Sheaffer

I guess Spygate has some relevance to the SEC. After all, Bill Belichick was born in Tennessee while his father was an assistant coach at Vanderbilt. Heck, Bill Belichick was named after Bill Edwards, Vanderbilt's coach in the early 50s. Bill Belichick still has family in The Volunteer State if I remember correctly.

Of course, Steve Belichick was a scout for the U.S. Naval Academy for so long that people seem to forget that he coached in the SEC. The connections don't stop there though.

Nick Saban, former LSU head coach and current Alabama head coach, is part of Bill Belichick's coaching tree, serving as an assistant to Belichick in Cleveland. Now Saban's defensive coordinator with the Miami Dolphins, Dom Capers, has joined the Patriots' staff.

Plus, a few years back, Belichick met with Florida's Urban Meyer to study Florida's offense. He then sent an assistant named Josh McDaniels down to Gainesville as Meyer's guest where Meyer and Dan Mullin taught McDaniels Florida's offense. (This was reported in the August 8, 2007 New York Times BTW)

McDaniels is currently New England's offensive coordinator. You know, the offense which scored the most points in NFL history. Of course, we know all that success couldn't have possibly come from all those SEC coaching ideas, right? That stuff would never work in a sophisticated league like the NFL. A bunch of SEC players on the roster couldn't have had anything to do with the Patriots' successes either. No, it couldn't be that SEC stuff. It was all because of taping from incorrect locations.

I mean that's the only way Belichick could beat a Big 10 Alumni like Tony Dungy (University of Minnesota), or a Pac-10 guy like Norv Turner (Oregon), right? ;-)

Editor's Note Wow, thanks Scott. I wondered if BB had connections to the SEC. Now we know -- lots. Let's hope he didn't get his ideas on taping opposition signals from the SEC. I think he learned that stuff when he went up north... But, we won't know until he tells us, will we?

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