SEC vs Pac 10: SEC Second Rate

by Ron

Of course the SEC gets the leg up on all the voting and the benefits, and the PAC-10 by far the most balanced conference will continue to get the shaft.

When the SEC decides to play most of their games within their own conference, then we shall see more equality. The biggest reason you do not see the PAC-10 is because we are about winning our own conference and that is a very hard thing to do.

So SEC until you play it like the west, you will always be second rate.

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Aug 01, 2008
ron you're "incorrect" [edited]
by: Anonymous

you must be joking. let me explain something about the SEC all you pretty boy wannabes on the worst coast dont understand. when you play in the SEC you're right its not about your conference championship. its about winning that saturday. everyother game and saturday be damned. and even if are an SEC team that is losing its about killing that guy across the ball from you. in the south we refer to the Pac-10 as pac1 and the 9 dwarves. the west coast will always be second rate. USC is the only program in the west worth anything and everyone in Pac 10 roots for them because they are so relieved to have a good team.
get a grip. come down to alabama for spring practice and see who heats up faster

Sep 02, 2008
Excuses for Tennessee
by: West is Best

Please, let's have them.

UCLA got lucky right?
Or Tennessee isnt one of the better sec teams (like arkansas, old miss, miss state, kentucky, haha, jokes.

dont worry, the hillbilly powers that be will still make sure one of your precious teams and ohio st play for the national championship again this year, and every year until a playoff system happens (never).

so enjoy it sec fans, you can lose to the PAC 10 all you like, you'll still wind up getting the better deal in the BCS (BS championship series)

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