Popular Tennis Bet Types

Tennis is popular game all over the world. Punters from Canada have been placing bets on major tournaments as well as smaller games for years, and this has only increased with the advent of online sports betting.

Due to the fact that online betting sites offer easier access to many more punters than ever before, the bet types have become more varied, offering a larger choice than ever before.

Match betting

Match betting is one of the most popular tennis betting types and one of the best tennis bets for beginners. This is the simplest form of tennis betting whereby you predict the winner of a match and if you are correct you win. There is very little room for error in this type of bet, and thus the chances of getting it right are quite high.

To outweigh this, the betting sites do not usually offer very large profit on match bets. As with most sports the more complex the bet is, the higher the payout usually is.

Another point to remember when placing a match bet is to check what happens in the event of a retirement. Some of the online sites will void your bet, while others will pay out in favour of the player who remained. Making sure that you understand how your betting site handles retirements when it comes to match betting will save you considerable worry and possibly money.

Popular Tennis Bet TypesSep 15, 2017; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Denis Shapovalov of Canada in action during his match against Yuki Bhambri of India at Northlands Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

Handicap Betting

Almost every sport has a handicap system imposed on by various bookies as well as online betting sites. This is to encourage punters to bet not only on favourites but underdogs too.

A handicap system simply sets the favourite in a match with a negative point system before they begin, meaning that they have to make up those points by beating their opponent by more than the handicap. A successful handicap bet on an underdog may result in a very lucrative payout, so keeping an eye out for an undervalued player could be well worth your while.

Set Betting

Set betting is a fast paced form of tennis betting which is placed while the match is taking place. Set betting is exactly what it sounds like, betting on the outcome of the separate sets while they are being played. A number of online betting sites offer live in game betting to allow you to place bets in real time.

This is an exciting form of tennis betting as the results come quickly, and also may point towards who the overall match winner may turn out to be. The odds in set betting are usually pretty good as well, especially if you bet on the underdog to win straight sets and you turn out to be correct. Research is vital for set betting, as is a good knowledge of how the payers are performing on the actual day of the match.

Prop Betting

Prop betting is the fun side of tennis betting. A prop bet is basically a bet which is not covered by one of the main betting markets, and can actually be pretty much anything. A more common example of a tennis prop bet is who will make the most double faults. Other slightly more unusual prop bet examples can include who will serve into the net first, or even whether a ball boy will fall over while trying to fetch wayward balls.

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