Old School Football: Belichick Should Be Banned

by DDerek

When Washington commits to a full independent investigation and doles out jail time for Belichick, Goodell & Kraft, in addition to more fines, the message will finally be "quite clear"!

These 3 knuckle heads systematically dismantled 75 yrs of grit,legacy,and integrity, reducing the league to a media fueled circus that makes the WWF look honest!

How many games we bought rigged and paid for by Kraft, the man who negotiated referee contracts? It takes one call to alter the outcome of a game and the Pats have the distincton of winning 3 rings by 3 points or less, and winning 23 of 26 playoff games by the same spread! I call that a felony and breech of the Anti-Trust Agreement parameters!

Don't ever forget the perks this league has with government & taxpayer money for subsidized stadiums. The conditions state that the NFL has to produce an honest, level playing field to enjoy tax exemption! Since 2001, I have seen nothing that resembles that, with the exception of the last Super Bowl championship game!

Only for the millions of eyes that dared the league to hand, yet another ring, to the cheating team that got caught several times over the last 7 seasons! A team that has disgraced the league, fans, and kids, with 4 felony convicts on the squad! The New England press claims the Giants victory was a miracle!

The team name should be retired, as the league pad locks the door and gives Kraft the option to run operations from his prison cell, under a new team name, with Belichick banned forever from the NFL after serving jail time for fraud! Only then can the league move forward and with a bright prosperous future!

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