Lame Statistics -- SEC vs Pac-10

Comparing the NUMBER of teams in the Top-25 at year's end is ridiculous because the SEC has two more teams in it than the Pac-10.

Maybe, in the cultural differences paragraph, you could add that 2 of the SEC's 12 member schools (16.6%) managed to crack the US News top 50 academically this year. The Pac-10 has 5 of its 10 schools (50%) in the top 50. So apparently literacy is another difference.

Editors Note: Yes some conferences have more teams than others. For instance, Big East Basketball has 16 teams. But, they are all part of the Big East, so we consider them all when talking college basketball.

Even if you base it on percentages, the SEC still has a higher percentage of teams in the top 25 as well.

Congrats to the Pac-10 on having more teams in the US News Top 50 Academic Colleges.

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Oct 03, 2007
by: Anonymous

Academics doesn't win football games! look at all of your powerhouses. their players arent there for the grades. LSU vs yale.....who wins? my point exactly!

Apr 27, 2008
by: Anonymous

Why is it, when you don't add up on the football field, you bring up academics? Pretty certain that is the reason its usually just 1 team in the pac10 and 9 teams from the collegiate debate circuit.

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