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The BEST time of the year for sports is upon us. Baseball pennant races are coming down to the wire. The NFL season has begun, and best of all -- College Football Season -- is in full swing.

Of course the SEC is coming off Alabama's 4th straight National Championship for the SEC and is ranked #1 and the consensus pick to win it all again. But, the 2008 National Champion Florida Gators are ranked #7 nationally and still undefeated as well.

This Saturday at 8PM in Tuscaloosa, Alabama -- the two teams that have dominated SEC football for the past several years will face off. The game will be televised on CBS. You can also still get tickets to see the game live at .

You'll also want to check out our preview of the game, and all the SEC action this weekend, at SEC Football Week 5 Preview and Predictions.

I also want to introduce you to "Coach Scooter." If you haven't heard already, he recently joined the SEC Sports Fan staff as our senior football writer. You can read all his entertaining and informative articles at our newly designed SEC Football Blog.

Anyway, we are just at the beginning, so lots and lots more great SEC football to come. You can always get a quick summary of what happened last week and what will happen this weekend at SEC Football Predictions.

Tex Noel, 1st-N-Goal Stats guy -- has helped us update all our "best all-time" type stats on all our pages. That was a huge job and he contributed at least a dozen new pdf's to the site. You can find some of them at Tex' SEC Football Statistics page.

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