Mo, from SEC Sports Fan back at you.

The BEST time of the year for sports is HERE!! College Football Bowl Season.

The big news is that the SEC has broken all records for number of bowl bids received and accepted in one year. The SEC has 10 teams going to bowl games. Ten of twelve teams. The prior record set by the SEC in 2007-2008 was 9.

Of course, SEC Champ Alabama is in the National Championship Game. If the Crimson Tide beat Texas, it'll be 4 straight BCS Championships for the SEC. Amazing.

You can read more about this and all of our SEC Bowl previews at SEC Bowl Predictions. You will also want to read our Alabama vs Texas Preview. On a more somber note for some, you might be interested in reading about the impact of the SEC Championship Game on the Florida Gator/Tim Tebow football legacy -- How Bad Was Florida's Loss For Florida?

Some nuts are saying the Pac-10 might be better than the SEC this year. That's debunked forcefully at SEC vs Pac-10 in 2009.

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Finally, if you love college football, you really should check out College Football Association. It's headed up by our own college football stats whiz -- Tex Noel. Lots of good stuff there, free newsletters; and you can join the Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association -- right there, for free.

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Go SEC!!

Mo Johnson
Publisher, SEC Sports Fan