Bill Belichick -- Innocent Until Proven Guilty

by Ken Lewis
(Daphne Alabama)

I have read over your pages here. I have read many other articles from just about every sports news agency there is. I have read the comments from people who are already convinced Bill Belichick did something based on Matt Walsh's non-statements (meaning he's has said nothing at this point).

This is by far the worst I have seen though pertaining to biased opinions etc.

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I am speaking of the Matt Walsh story.

You presume he has all this inforamtion that will make Bill Belichick guilty of taping walk throughs or something. You also presume what Matt says is the gospel. You talk about not knowing... Well you are correct. You don't know.

Making these accusation with no knowledge to what you are saying is irresponsible at best. Your fueling this mob.

As far as spygate. I keep hearing where is the punishment? I keep hearing what BB did was wrong so he should be punished. Well he was. Half a mill, loss of first round draft pick...

If you look at the intensity of the hate people just seem to overlook that very important fact.
People talk about how BB and the Pats are stone walling... Well isn't this an internal NFL matter? Isn't this being investigated by the NFL? And didn't BB and the Pats completely cooperate with the NFL in their investgation?

BB is not going to talk to the press.... he has a strong disdain for the press and any thinking man should. They manipulate the truth. As this site seems to be doing as well.

What BB did was a violation of rules based on keeping electronic equipment off the sidelines. YES he broke the rules. But to say he is doing anything different or worse than other teams is just ludacris. People are coming out with some far reaching theories as to what BB was doing with these tapes with zero proof.

Time to stop the madness. Time to stop smearing names for the sake of smearing them.

BB was punished for spygate. He took his lumps and moved on. It's in the NFL's hands now and I am sure he has been told not to speak about it any further... And yet people want to crusify him for that as well.

Arlean Spector is a hot air blowing grand stander... he has no business sticking his nose into this. Let the NFL do their jobs. The fair play committee feels its a non issue, time to move on... why don't you peaople as well?

Yes, we can wait to see what Matt Walsh has to say. I am all for it. But to say BB is guilty because Matt says he did something wrong after secretly taping conversations, lying about his College golf team status etc. is something only the people who want to see BB fall can believe at this point. The pathetic part is they do!

Bottom line, Bill Belichick has done nothing other teams have not done... Admittely so. Does it make it right? No... Was he punished? Yes... time to move on kiddies... Witch hunts over.
And lastly. If all these people who see this nonissue as being so bad that they should pull the SB wins from the Pats... Suspend BB completely, ect. Then prepare for the worst everyone... The fingerpointing is going to go into maximum madness. Teams will be dealing with question all over the NFL.... Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Jets, Bills and more. Making this mountain out of a mole hill is dangerous to say the least. Many teams and carreers throughout the entire NFL will feel the brunt... And make no mistake. If the Pats in some way get punished to the degree of losing thier SB status due to a spaygate scandal then you better believe people will be coming out of the wood work to discredit other teams as well... And fans will be pushing them to do it... after all that would be fair right? After all if everyone is doing it be sure that everyone will feel this pain.

If Matt walsh has proof the Pats taped the walk throughs and BB had knowledge of this... then yes I think BB should be perminently suspended from all NFL jobs. However if Matt walsh has nothing... then there is nothing to all this, and its time to move on.

Editor's Note:

Thanks Ken for your comments. We have convicted no one of anything. All this site has ever asked for is answers to questions. Neither the NFL or Bill Belichick seem willing to answer the relevant questions. So, we are left to speculate based on the information we do have.

You speak of media bias. Hey, of course, everyone has their own opinion and biases. That's human.

But, we have always been willing to let Bill Belichick say whatever he wants to and Roger Goodall as well. They can post a full explanation and answer whatever questions they want -- any time -- we will not edit one letter of it. But, thank goodness I have not been holding my breath waiting for answers from Belichick or Goodall.

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Feb 25, 2008
How About This?
by: Daleene Farmer Las Vegas, NV

I read your theory of the innocent until proven guilty, I've read this theory over 50 times in the past three weeks and under normal circumstances I'd be all for what you're saying, however it isn't just Matt Walsh who is speaking out about this and don't expect that to be all. A player on the Patriots has recently come forward in an interview wiith the NFL network. He is choosing to have his name undisclosed for the time being, but his name will come out soon enough. I believe it is Tedy Bruschi because he is the only player as of right now that I can think of who's been with the team the entire time Belichick has caoched New England. He said that Bill has taped nearly every game's apponent and every Super Bowl the Patriots played in(excluding Super Bowl XLII) and he also said that after speaking with his lawyers further, he will have a full statement prepared to speak out about the matter. All it took was for them to lose one Super Bowl for the entire team to fall apart. So don't be surprised if there are others who will come out of the woodwark to clear their conscious. I never proclaimed him to be "guilty" as you and others have put it, I only said that if this is all true, then it needs to be handled properly and not brushed aside as if it never happened.

Feb 26, 2008
Good point
by: Anonymous

With Spector obviously looking out for his biggest campain contributor Comcast, it pretty obvious many people including him have their own agendas about this entire mess. Wonder whats Walsh's angle here too. I think people need ot get off their soap boxes and not give into the hype which is fueling this.

Feb 26, 2008
"Internal NFL Matter" ? No...
by: Ben Kerry

Ken..your comment that this should be an "internal NFL matter" is dead wrong. The NFL is enjoying an exemption from the anti-trust law which is worth billions. I, as a tax payer, would love to see some of that money back into the economy. But Congress has seen fit to allow them the exemption. As such, the beneficiary operation (NFL) should be a legal and fair-play organization. Which it hasnt proven yet to be the case until Matt Walsh's and Matt Estrella's knowledge of further Belichick cheating is fully vetted and punished.
Imagine how much money was lost by members of the Rams not only in the winners share but also in future earnings as Super Bowl 36 winners? Its also incalculable how much money, legally betted in Vegas, was lost when the Pats beat a 14 point spread? If the Pats had an unfair advantage in that game do you think the above individuals feel it should be an "internal NFL matter"?
99.999 per cent of world would disagree that this is only an NFL internal matter. I for one, am glad that Arlen Specter will not let go until the NFL comes clean and can prove its a fair and legal operation that deserves its anti-trust exemption. The other .001 per cent are either NFL employees or Pats fans who cannot believe that the name "New England Patriots" is now synonymous for the word "Cheat"! And this is with or without Matt Walsh...Remember they have still not discussed with Matt Estrella (the Matt Walsh after 2003) the events at Green Bay and Detroit games, in 2006, when he was kicked out by NFL security for taping. Bill Belichick should do the right thing and re-sign, if for nothing else, for the Jets game when he was caught, after being warned in writing, and now for his admission to Goodell (recently uncovered Specter) that he has been doing this since 2000.

Feb 27, 2008
Actually makes sense
by: Jeff

Most accurate portrait of spygate that I've read thus far.

Mar 04, 2008
What about Matt Walsh'd credibility?
by: Anonymous

Id just like to ask why you seem so inclined to take every utterance from Matt Walsh or his attorney as absolute Gospel? (Please don't insult my intelligence with a pro forma reply that this is not the case).

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