March Madness is upon us – and the SEC is well represented. In fact, we have 6 teams in the men's tournament and 5 in the Womens'. We also have 2 mens teams in the NIT and 4 womens' teams in the WNIT.

So, lots of exciting games over the next couple weeks.

I'm biased, of course, but hoping for the Vols to win both NCAA tournaments.

You can read more about the SEC and March Madness at our two main basketball pages:

SEC Basketball and SEC Women's Basketball.

As you know, I don't send out newsletters often. The reason is I'm so darn busy with everything going on (including with the site) that I just don't get around to it much. I hope that changes in the future. We'll see. But the next one probably won't be until August – before the football season kicks off.

But, since I've got your attention, I do want to update you on everything going on at SEC Sports Fan. And that's a lot, as you'll see.

First, in December we finally completed what we first set out to do when we started the site in Oct 2006 – namely, to have a web page dedicated to each team in each SEC sport. I think that worked out to 137 pages all together. 12 schools; 12 sports (but a few schools don't have a few sports). This turned out to be a much bigger job than we anticipated. But, it's worth it because -- no website in the world (including the official SEC Sports Website) does this.

For the two biggest sports, football and basketball, we have a second team page for each team. And, we now have hundreds of other pages covering various aspects of the different sports. Especially football and basketball.

Sometime in February, our site went over 1000 pages. That is amazing and was certainly not anticipated. Much of the growth has been due to the many comment pages that readers have submitted.

And, that was a big addition to the site back in September when we added a feature to allow our readers to comment and submit their own pages.

One big surprise was the reaction to our article at Belichick Spygate Scandal -- the reaction has simply been huge and we didn't expect that since the article is not really even about college sports. But, over 100,000 people have read it, and a couple hundred have submitted comments about it.

That response led us to the conclusion that we can expand beyond the SEC and even beyond college sports. So, we've added a number of articles about the NBA, NFL, pro golf, tennis, etc, etc. Each of these pages tackles a controversial topic and asks for visitor comments.

Really, if there's anything you feel strongly about, let us know. We can probably add it to the site and maybe the issue will take off. We've added a page just for that at Sports Issues to Change.

If you go to our main football page SEC Football, you'll see that we now have two writers (Tex Noel and Paul Lyboult) who focus on specific college football topics. We also have partnered with the Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association and now host them on our website. You can check out their page (and join for free if you want) at College Football Association.

We are always looking for more writers, so let me know if you are interested. If you write good stuff, I can promise to get you good exposure through our web site. In fact, the pages that Tex and Paul write both get found in the search engines often.

Of course, LSU won the big prize in college sports – college football's BCS Championship. And, they beat Ohio State which resulted in lots of interest in our pages on the SEC vs Big Ten debate. The debate will never be completely settled, but with two straight football and basketball national championships, the SEC is in a very strong position – to say the least!

It has been interesting to watch LSU and Florida battle it out for the top sports school in the SEC. The Tigers and Gators have been either 1 or 2 in football, volleyball and soccer so far. But, neither made the NCAA b-ball tournament, and if Tennessee's men's and women's teams do well, then Tennessee will be moving up. Baseball could end up deciding this years SEC sports crown.

We've also added lots more places where you can search for specific fan products. We have pages now devoted to each school's fan apparel, merchandise, tailgate gear, and fatheads – along with the general school fan store.

And, if you visit the site, you will notice literally hundreds of new pictures and videos we've added to the site. The pics and vids really make the pages fun to read.

Oh, and we added current news pages for each school, so you have a place to go and find the latest info about your school. You can find those links at Current SEC Sports News.

Down the road we are looking to add the ability for visitors to add video to the site. Right now, you can write a page and attach a photo. We'd like to allow folks to upload video as well. So, that's in the early stages of planning.

All of this has led us to become the top SEC sports fan site on the web. And, when I say "us" I include you. If you are receiving this newsletter, you are one of the core supporters of SEC Sports Fan. I thank you for your support.

We've got a few SEC Sports Fan t-shirts left, so, if you don't already have one, let me know and we'll send one out to you.

Finally, we are always looking for new ideas, partnerships, links, and content. So, if you have any ideas along those lines or would like to help in any way, please send me an e-mail at mo[at] or use our contact form at Contact Us.

Thanks and

All the Best,


p.s. Go Vols!! (sorry, had to say that)